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Kalamehr is aimed to improve its sales services, offer high-quality products, care for customers and earn their trust based on its privileged background with the aid of technical and management skills and also Iranian and foreign experts.
Professional and trustworthy experts in Kalamehr present and technically support different adhesives, PU and Silicone sealants, MS polymers, PU Foams and various paint and industrial sprays of European well known brands.
Nowadays, Kalamehr is exclusive representative of two brands in Iran, Akfix from Turkey and Zettex from Netherlands.

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Products applied in automotive industry such as adhesives and protection sprays.


Wide range of adhesives and sealants for DIY and general applications.

Building & Construction

Various glues and sealants used for interior and exterior applications.


Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings as best choices for protection large surfaces against corrosion and damages.

Sanitary Use

Top quality products specially designed for places where hygiene is of high importance like cleanroom at hospitals.

wood & marine industries

High quality wood products most of which are applicable in marine industry.

Fire Retardant

Fire resistant foams and sealants for prevention of fire spread or reduction of its intensity.

Structural Reinforcement

Anchoring products for attachment of bolts and rods in concrete structures.


Insulation and waterproofing products suitable for mortar sealing or repairing at roof.


Industrial glues and sprays for attachment, lubrication and protection of machineries in various industries.


High quality cleaning products applied for general and industrial applications.


Wide range of sprays for reducing friction between metals in different industries.


Protective products for long-life protection of different surfaces in construction and industrial applications.